Released: (11/17/2014)

VisitorLink Presentation Engine has stopped working upon making a Lync Call on new installations

When setting up a new VisitorLink unit using the Microsoft Lync 2013 Basic client, you may experience an application crash when making a Lync call.  This may be caused by an outdated installation of Microsoft Lync.

You can verify if you are having this issue by checking the version of your Lync Client by launching the Lync client, choosing the gear icon dropdown in the upper right hand corner, and going to Help – About Microsoft Lync.  If the version number displayed is older than 15.0.4667.1000, you need to be sure to run Windows Update and get all of the latest Microsoft Office – related updates.  If, after updating, you still do not have version 15.0.4667.1000 or later, you may manually install the updates by following the process described in the following Microsoft KB article: .

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