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Released: (03/14/2013)

How to profit from your expertise and add to your value

You know your business. You know your team’s strengths and weaknesses.  And, you know the characteristics of your ideal customers. You probably already have scorecards and dashboards and sophisticated automated Excel workbooks that summarize your targets, measures your performance in each key area and sends you flags with every KPI you’ve established.

So…why is VisitorLink talking with you about added value?

You don’t make your money on equipment and software sales. In fact, the less time you have to spend on those the better. Your focus is services. Paid hourly engagements. Configuration. Installation. Implementation. Integration.

Hardware needs to work out of the box every time, all the time…and the manufacturer needs to stand behind it when something goes wrong. If it isn’t reliable, you’ll find something new, replace the vendor and won’t look back. Your team’s time is valuable and you can’t afford costly unbillable hours.

Software’s the same…and sometimes even less profitable. You don’t want or need to manage licenses and complex configurations. Install it, set it up…and then leverage your customization, integration and services to support the customer’s goals and needs.

And, you always need to be finding ways to deepen your relationship and value with existing customers and hunt for new ones.

So here is where VisitorLink excels…

  • VisitorLink opens doors to services…You may not currently implementation Lync. That’s OK. We integrate with the entire Microsoft stack, UC and third party systems. We’ll show you how to make more money by leveraging your current sweet spot in services. And, we can connect you with exceptional Lync specialist partners, too.
  • VisitorLink drives Lync adoption…OK, this may not be your specific area of focus today…but when you capture a vision for how VisitorLink opens doors to new opportunities…and supports basic business needs, you’ll be as excited as we are to be able to present it to you.
  • VisitorLink inspires business unit creativity…and that means more strategic thinking, and, more services, and, more money for you. Whether you work with SMB or Enterprise customers, each one is looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in doing what they do best. Every customer has increased security awareness,  wants to save money and make their space and workflow more efficient. Some have multiple offices or staff who work from home. Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail: Let us work with you to increase your value in the verticals you already know.
  • VisitorLink is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be…all without adding to your headaches.  If you don’t develop software we have partners who can help you…If you don’t implement complex Lync servers, we have partners who can. If you do…You know what that means.
  • VisitorLink works…Out of the box…With local administration…and a 60 day replacement guarantee. If VisitorLink isn’t working to support the customer within 60 days…send it back.

Your value has been established by knowing what you know…by doing what you do well…and, by finding tools and methods to do more of what you do well with more customers. We invite you to explore how VisitorLink can help you profit from your expertise and add to your value. Today.


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