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Released: (03/14/2013)

How to be a problem solving HERO for your business

How many times in the last month have you walked into your business, or any business, and been welcomed by an empty desk? If you do much walk-in sales or have appointments or do shopping for services in businesses you’ve probably experienced this or its variation, the desk is occupied but the occupant is busy, any number of times.

Business today…every business…is looking for ways to increase efficiency while not losing the effectiveness of direct communication. Websites, landing pages, social media, QR codes…everything that brought you to this page and more are included in how business communicates with employees, prospects and customers. Unified communications and unified messaging, collaboration, interoperability, integration and Communication Enabled Business Processes [CEBP] are all top of mind and key phrases in conversations among business leaders. VisitorLink will help solve any business problem that can be enhanced with peer-to-peer video and audio communication…Can you say Unified Communications? We do.

You already know that saving money through the strategic use of technology is the best way for you to stay in business.

You solve problems every day. Sometimes you simply fix what’s broken. However, your real value is more strategic: Providing solutions that support long term improvements in productivity. It’s not simply technology for the sake of technology…but how to leverage all of the tools at your disposal and your expertise to help your team be better and more effective at doing what they’re experts at doing.

If you believe that your responsibility is to make money, you may or may not make it to next year…you will certainly not establish long term, profitable relationships with your customers and it will cost you money. At VisitorLink we believe that our primary task is to help you solve the long term business process challenges that face your customers so they and you will both thrive.

Are you a small or enterprise sized businesses or one in-between? Are you in healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, retail or services and have business problems that communication technology can help solve?

  • VisitorLink will help you solve communications problems—Connect to the right person right away. Integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft stack of products, UC and third party systems.
  • VisitorLink excels at solving special requirements—Customize work flow for reception areas, multi-building campuses, high security entry, HR, customer service, referrals and more.

You are a problem solver…Now you can be a true business hero. Take the responsibility you have to really understand your business problems and exercise the freedom to recommend and implement technology solutions that really work. Let VisitorLink be part of your not-so-secret identity.


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