Released: (12/03/2015)

How to Encrypt Configuration File Passwords

How to Encrypt Configuration File Passwords

Visitor Link can encrypt and decrypt passwords. This provides an extra level of security for the credentials included in the Visitor Link configuration files. Password encryption is controlled by a new Setting added for each password you need to encrypt. The setting can be used for Lync passwords as well as passwords for 3rd party security systems.

  1. Add the new setting to the same section as the password to be encrypted:


  1. Save the configuration file
  2. Restart Visitor Link


When Visitor Link loads and reads in the “decrypt” value it will encrypt the password and save the encrypted version to the configuration file. Visitor Link will also update the Password State value to “encrypted”. The next time Visitor Link loads it will read the “encrypted” value and decrypt the password for use and leave the encrypted value in the configuration file. If you need to change the password, repeat the same 3 steps above changing the value back to “decrypted” save and reload.

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