VisitorLink has ceased operations officially as of 12/31/2020. The VisitorLink platform is no longer supported.
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The VisitorLink Distributor Community…
Connecting your business to your goals


VisitorLink announces our Distributor Community…Connecting your business to your goals. Our vision is to revolutionize the way visitors are welcomed, identified and connected, one reception area at a time. Now, we know that’s not your vision, so here’s our call to action.

We want you to be a part of our revolution. And, we will share together in the rewards! Really! It’s not the old, traditional, “our success is your success” model: No, it really is a revolution. We don’t want to simply contribute to your income as a by-product of selling our products…We want selling our products to help you enhance your existing client relationships as well as add new clients.

We need IT service providers and IT system integrators and space planners and office workflow specialists and consultants of all kinds to join our community. Whatever your specialty, we have a way to help you meet your goals, serve your clients creatively and be more profitable when you do.

Interested? Tell us what your vision is…we’ll begin a conversation about how we can help you be more successful as part of the VisitorLink Distributor Community.



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Distributor Info

Value Proposition for the Microsoft Skype for Business Platinum Distributor

VisitorLink was initially designed to help clients improve user adoption in Lync, and later Skype for Business, environments. The concept of a cost saving “Virtual Receptionist” solution has been an exceptional door opener since so many companies are underutilizing costly personnel in the receptionist role. Yet, a single Microsoft Skype or Lync license for a VisitorLink device opens the door to the full power of Microsoft unified communications throughout the organization. As a result, Microsoft Partners can integrate VisitorLink into their managed services offering to help them close more business. Become a Distributor Now


Value Proposition for the Certified IT Distributor

VisitorLink makes IT visible. You want to be a trusted resource for all things IT for your clients. You provide the products or services, or manage, aggregate, or outsource them through others. VisitorLink gives you a valuable talking point about the future-as-now of IT. The direct interaction between visitors and staff via video, unified communications and, low cost licensing through Office 365, all provide entry points for increased services for your core competencies. Become a Distributor Now


Value Proposition for the Non-IT Referral Distributor

VisitorLink increases office productivity, lowers costs and provides a professional yet updated way to greet visitors or provide additional information in any business setting. And, it provides you with a tool you can use to present your products or services. Whether you provide space planning, office furniture, office communications, office workflow design, or any of hundreds of other services to small businesses, hospitals, governmental agencies, schools or mega-international enterprises, VisitorLink will add a valuable point of interest to your customers…it says “I want to help you be more successful.” And, working with our IT partner community, you’ll have confidence that you’ll be working with the best resources available to support the level of quality and excellence your clients have come to receive and expect from you. Become a Distributor Now