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Released: (02/03/2014)

My card swipe is not working. What can I do?

First off, VisitorLink recommends the Magtek line of magnetic card readers.  We have tested and certified the Magtek part#21040145.  This card reader accepts cards swiped in either direction with the mag stripe facing either direction, which is preferable for visitor self service applications.

If you have this brand of card reader, but you are receiving an error from your visitorlink installation, or your card reader is not functioning.  Here are some things to check:

1. Be sure that your configuration contains the card reader control, signaling the visitorlink engine that you have a card reader installed.  A properly configured card reader control section might look something like the following (blue text indicates items that may change depending on your specific configuration):

<Setting Property=”ImageFileName” Value=”CardSwipeIndicator.png“/>
<Setting Property=”ValueFromCard” Value=”Name“/>
      <Action Name=”OnOutputChanged” ControllerActionType=”VisitorLink.Controls.ControllerActions.RouteOutputValueAction” ControllerActionAssemblyName=”VisitorLink.Controls” NeedsToBeValid=”false” NeedsToBeActiveScreen=”true”>
        <Parameter Property=”InputControl” Value=”txtEnterYourName”/>

2. Be sure that your card reader is configured in HID mode and not keyboard emulation mode.  To learn more about configuring a magtek card reader, or to change the emulation mode of your card reader, go to (NOTE: requires MS Internet Explorer).

3.  Be sure that the image file you have specified above for ImageFileName exists in the images directory of your configuration.  Further, be sure that the template file you are using for the screen which houses this control includes a placeholder for the picture with a tag value set to match the TemplateContentName of your control.

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